Scott Lyons offers a unique body-mind experience individually designed to facilitate holistic integration.

In a dynamic one-on-one session Scott incorporates a fusion of both healing and relaxing table work as well as active movement repatterning, presenting clients with an opportunity to integrate change and effortless possibilities through their movement into their daily life.

Scott is committed to the well being of his clients, providing a comfortable and supportive environment for healing to take place. He is able to offer this by meeting each individual with their needs -establishing and building off of the experience and comfort of each client. In doing so his focus is to facilitate the release of physical and emotional stress, while addressing the whole person.

Each session is approximately one hour long.

The sessions are individually designed using a variety of techniques, including: CransioSacral therapy, a Body-Mind Centering® approach to hands on and movement repatterning, Applied Kinesology, neuromuscular repatterning, Reiki, visceral unwinding, Kinetic Awareness, and lymphatic drainage. Additionally, postural re-education, core strengthening, breathing, and meditation techniques, and relaxation.

* Sessions longer than one hour are available upon request.