Holistic Fitness is a system of personal training that works with each client to create a dynamic and specialized program tailored toward individual goals and needs. No matter whom you are--an athlete, artist or executive--we customize a program that speaks to your abilities and potential.

How can we create the perfect program that challenges, inspires, replenishes and ultimately transforms you?

Through energizing one-on-one sessions with nationally certified and licensed practitioners, we work to facilitate a holistic approach to performance enhancement through improved alignment and increased flexibility, strength and coordination. Our process helps clients develop greater movement efficiency by enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of their body's mechanics. This results in integrated movement, increased balance and coordination, and injury prevention.

Holistic Fitness is empowerment; empowerment through self awareness, confidence, choices, and a synergy of body-mind integration. Through the fusion of many body-mind disciplines (including holistic personal training, martial arts, yoga, dance, and meditation) we create an approach to training that meets our clientele at their current body-mind state--thus providing individualized education, resources, and empowerment to reach their goals.

We provide the unique feature of being able to create a talented team of holistic practitioners. We feature Nutrition Consultants, Holistic Fitness Trainers, Yoga practitioners, Shiatsu, Estheticians, Body work and other holistic practitioners. This highly educated and sensitive team will work with one another to create a foundation to help support your growth, healing, and total well-being.