"My sessions with Scott were transformative. He encourages a fluid, unselfconscious healing process that is marked by intelligence, acceptance and unbelievable intuition. His subsequent work with my baby was also remarkable. He engenders an instant trust, and has the rare ability to follow and lead at the same time. He is an attentive, supportive and playful baby listener and a great source of relief and wisdom for parents."

-Alexandra B.

"Scott is one of the most caring and gentle therapists we've had the pleasure of working with. His keen insight -as to the causes of discomforts were always accurate. His gentle but effective treatments and recommendations always helped my son on his journey to recovery. Scott's work with my son was beneficial to us both. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in body work, cranial sacral, and movement therapies."

-Carmen G.

"Scott redefines the concept of a trainer. His workouts are completely crafted around an individual, not just modifications to a basic routine. In addition to identifying areas of physical improvement he is also in tune with total wellness, highlighting the importance of a healthy diet, stretching and relaxation techniques. He is highly versed on the human body and its limitations. Scott also has an endearing human side that makes a workout more enjoyable any day!"

-Susan M.

"My 5.5 year old son has a mild Sensory Processing Disorder, with many of the accompanying issues the condition can bring: balance, visual tracking, motor planning, muscle strength, tactile defensiveness, and attention differences. He's normal enough to fit into a regular classroom, but challenged enough to be overwhelmed by the things his friends take for granted. In their short time on earth, kids like him have often experienced more than a lifetime of reprimands and timeouts from frustrated teachers and other adults who don't understand why these children can't 'just behave themselves.' By the time I brought my son to Scott, the child's self-esteem was low and he was angry at the adult world. Through movement work, cranial work, extreme patience, and his gentle male presence, Scott not only helped my son correct many of his processing difficulties, but he helped my son regain his self-esteem and sense of childhood wonder. I am forever grateful!"

-Stephanie P.